Daniel Fung, formerly of Watertown, CT, currently resides in New York City. He is the founder of Dank Fung Extracts. Dank Fung Extracts is led by a group of some of the best extraction artists in the MMJ industry today. They construct vaporizers that are stylish and feature the latest innovations available.

All vaporizers for sale at Dank Fung Extracts are meant to be used at lower heating temps and feature wickless, ceramic, sub ohm atomizers. This enables users to get a clean flavor profile of their chosen extract. Most vaporizers operate at a higher temperature, which kills the flavor of the extract.

If you are someone who considers yourself a true connoisseur of taste, Daniel Fung would love for you to taste the difference using a Dank Fung Extracts vaporizer. Its latest model, the Florist, will premiere later this year. All Dank Fung Extracts vaporizers can be found here.

Regarding Daniel Fung’s prior experience, he has assumed many different roles in various industries. Before his time in Waterford, CT, Daniel Fung was a Psychology major. He earned his degree in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.

After he graduated, Daniel Fung worked in various careers before he started in extraction. For example, Daniel Fung was the Founder and Director of Marketing for PassGate Corporation, He developed and received a patent for a solution to reduce and possibly eliminate the risk of fraud and online credit card theft. His patent would secure a selling price of $1 million.

Later, Daniel Fung became an Operations Manager with Regus/HQ Global Workplaces where he worked with more than 100 clients and also was responsible for some processes to ensure compliances with various accounting regulations and standards. He would then work at Atlantic Sea Island Group, LLC. where he focused on business development. Daniel Fung also managed internal operations at ThaiBev, which is a subsidiary of International Beverage Holdings Limited USA (IBH).

After his time at these companies, Daniel Y Fung went to CT and became an angel funder for TheraPlant. Daniel was also the company’s Extraction Engineer where he was responsible for all aspects of extractions for medical use. He invented MedTab, which was cutting-edge homogenized, dosable form of dry MMJ Flowers. He filed a patent in August of 2014.

Today, Daniel Fung uses his unique experience and knowledge of extractions and MMJ to develop the best vaporization products in the market today.