Daniel Fung Discusses the Benefits of CBD Cream

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The number of people who suffer daily physical pain is astonishing. Daniel Fung of Watertown, CT is committed to helping people manage their pain through spreading the message of the benefits of CBD. There’s a reason that so many CBD stands and shops are opening all over the country. People are spreading the word that different creams, oils and supplements have helped them manage their issues with chronic pain, anxiety, depression and more. Even with the growing popularity, there’s still a large portion of the population that looks at CBD with a skeptical eye.

Daniel Fung of CT explains that cannabidiol, aka CBD, is a cannabinoid, a type of compound found in marijuana that does not contain THC. The lack of THC means that a person will not get a high from the use of CBD products. Unlike common prescribed pain pills, CBD cream is not habit forming. Daniel Fung of CT says that CBD lotion can help people with sore muscles, strains and common back pain. A lot of the biggest names in pain lotions come with an unfortunate smell, CBD lotion can be odorless so it can be applied without fear of alienating yourself from the people around you.

Daniel Fung of CT explains that the pain most commonly combatted by CBD lotion is arthritis pain. There are more 53 million Americans that suffer from arthritic pain. Three hundred thousand of those citizens are children. All-natural, organic CBD lotion offers a better alternative to disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs. These drugs are commonly linked to liver damage, bone marrow suppression and lung infections. Not to mention, the number of people who become addicted to the high they get from these medications.

Daniel Fung believes studies have proven the anti-inflammatory effect of CBD lotion. There’s an epidemic of prescription pain killers leading to medical issues and death in this country. Short-acting opioids can be replaced by CBD lotion. While a lot of machinery can’t be operated under normal painkillers, those who apply CBD lotion can go about their daily routines.

As more studies come out, Daniel Fung of Watertown, CT says that the popularity of CBD lotion will only continue to grow. If you have an issue with chronic pain or know someone that does, be sure to investigate CBD lotion and other CBD products for yourself. It may just open up a whole new world of freedom from pain.

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